Adventure Log 3

The group discussed how to proceed. After assessing what Uranus needs they decided to try to transport fissionable material.

The group was getting ready to look for someone who sells fissionable material. When a broadcast came over the Lunar radio. It was a broadcast warning of a Rogue GLix. The GLix is wanted in connection with a recent break in at SpaceX. OCP is offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the apprehension of the Rogue GLix, or $25,000,000 for the apprehension of the GLix.

The group decided to ignore the broadcast.

The group remembered that Russia was selling off fissionable material. The group made contact with the Russian mob. They had 5 tonnes of fissionable material and a sale agreement with someone on Uranus.

The agreement was that two mobsters would escort the cargo. The fee was negotiated at $32,500, on delivery.

Josh continued questioning the AI. He learned that the AI was named Damocles. He learned that Damocles wanted a new body. Josh offered to help if it could tell him where to get the resources. Damocles told Josh about a AI research station in Aix en Provence, France. It should have the facilities required. The group decided to put this on the back burner for now.

The group debating whether or not to bring everyone that had been recruited so far. After much debate, agreed to bring everyone.

As the group was getting ready to depart they found another person, Matt, who was trying to leave Earth. He was willing to pay $5000 for passage.

The group disembarked Earth. They discovered that Matt was very susceptible to motion sickness.

Lewis brought Allison a disc and asked her to play it over the radio. She did and the group was treated to “So Long Farewell”

Shortly afterwards Raoul who was driving the shuttle started getting messages.

The syndicate made contact. Offering him a meeting his girlfriend. But he had to complete a small job first. Abduct a board of director from SpaceX, Gregorio Hess. He lives on Mars. Make a copy of his brain backup and deliver both to Uranus. This is only part of the overall mission, completion of the full mission will yield $500,000.

The Kobra Klan contacted Sandra. Offer that she could work of some of her debt by access customs computers in any station she passes through. Stealing data pertaining to all aliens passing through the customs and sending it on to them.

Finally the Shadowbroker contacted Lewis. He had contracted another group to shadow an experimental warship and return with sensor data. He knows that they dropped out of Hyperspace between Proxima Centari and Sol. He believes they were almost all the way to Sol.

His last contact with them indicated that the ship had taken critical damage. He suspects the party will need to repair it in order to extract the information. His belief is that the only reason the ship hasn’t already been salvaged is because it’s in the space between galaxies.

He warns that the crew had stolen and hacked a OCP Hybrid to use as security.

The group decided to leave that contract alone for now.

The group decided to go to Mars and pick up Gregorio.

The group arrives at Mars and is asked to dock with the orbital customs station. They hide Twitch, and clear customs. The crew tries to decide what to do next, but Josh sneaks off of the ship with Damocles.

Damocles accesses the station public wifi and guides Joshua around until he’s at a security door. The door opens and several security guards run out, talking about an explosive device. Josh catches the door and goes in. He plugs Damocles into the customs computers. He manages to download the records for Sandra, sequester some gourmet food, a flying security drone, and a heavy lift assist. Damocles also secured Diamond Nexus for the crew, which will allow them to get through customs next time (only works at Mars).

Josh and Damocles return to the ship. The group unclear as to why the material was delivered the ship. Once everyone is onboard and the cargo secured the whole station shakes as an explosion detonates on the other side of the station. The group decides to land.

They land in time to find many crews running to space craft to go rescue people from the station.

Raoul and Twitch make their way to the Gregorio Hess’ estate. Raoul flirts his way in. Twitch sneaks in. Twitch tries to take Gregorio and convince him to give the code to his escape pod. Raoul poses as another hostage of Twitch’s. The two try to convince Gregorio to give it up. Gregorio tries to take his cyanide capsule, and Twitch blasts off one of his legs. He doesn’t give it up so Twitch sneaks off the estate with Gregorio, leaving Raoul to talk to the police.



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