Character Creation


Human only
Character Points 150
Max disadvantages 75 points
Tech Level 9
Non-ST skills capped at 20
No exotic or supernatural skills

Hacker(s) please take organization affiliation with Shadow-broker
No military affiliation please

Short Premise

You’re all starting in Iowa. You want to get off Earth (Earth is dying), asteroid mining has long been touted as an easy way to get rich. High Security Systems use the claim system. Low Security Systems don’t. Greater reward in low-security system mining.

A Koth junker runs a used starship scrap yard in Iowa.


GURPS Basic Set
GURPS Spaceships
GURPS Spaceships 2 Traders, Liners, and Transports
GURPS Spaceships 3 Warships and Space Pirates
GURPS Spaceships 6 Mining and Industrial Spacecraft
GURPS Ultra Tech



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