Adventure Log 3

The group discussed how to proceed. After assessing what Uranus needs they decided to try to transport fissionable material.

The group was getting ready to look for someone who sells fissionable material. When a broadcast came over the Lunar radio. It was a broadcast warning of a Rogue GLix. The GLix is wanted in connection with a recent break in at SpaceX. OCP is offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to the apprehension of the Rogue GLix, or $25,000,000 for the apprehension of the GLix.

The group decided to ignore the broadcast.

The group remembered that Russia was selling off fissionable material. The group made contact with the Russian mob. They had 5 tonnes of fissionable material and a sale agreement with someone on Uranus.

The agreement was that two mobsters would escort the cargo. The fee was negotiated at $32,500, on delivery.

Josh continued questioning the AI. He learned that the AI was named Damocles. He learned that Damocles wanted a new body. Josh offered to help if it could tell him where to get the resources. Damocles told Josh about a AI research station in Aix en Provence, France. It should have the facilities required. The group decided to put this on the back burner for now.

The group debating whether or not to bring everyone that had been recruited so far. After much debate, agreed to bring everyone.

As the group was getting ready to depart they found another person, Matt, who was trying to leave Earth. He was willing to pay $5000 for passage.

The group disembarked Earth. They discovered that Matt was very susceptible to motion sickness.

Lewis brought Allison a disc and asked her to play it over the radio. She did and the group was treated to “So Long Farewell”

Shortly afterwards Raoul who was driving the shuttle started getting messages.

The syndicate made contact. Offering him a meeting his girlfriend. But he had to complete a small job first. Abduct a board of director from SpaceX, Gregorio Hess. He lives on Mars. Make a copy of his brain backup and deliver both to Uranus. This is only part of the overall mission, completion of the full mission will yield $500,000.

The Kobra Klan contacted Sandra. Offer that she could work of some of her debt by access customs computers in any station she passes through. Stealing data pertaining to all aliens passing through the customs and sending it on to them.

Finally the Shadowbroker contacted Lewis. He had contracted another group to shadow an experimental warship and return with sensor data. He knows that they dropped out of Hyperspace between Proxima Centari and Sol. He believes they were almost all the way to Sol.

His last contact with them indicated that the ship had taken critical damage. He suspects the party will need to repair it in order to extract the information. His belief is that the only reason the ship hasn’t already been salvaged is because it’s in the space between galaxies.

He warns that the crew had stolen and hacked a OCP Hybrid to use as security.

The group decided to leave that contract alone for now.

The group decided to go to Mars and pick up Gregorio.

The group arrives at Mars and is asked to dock with the orbital customs station. They hide Twitch, and clear customs. The crew tries to decide what to do next, but Josh sneaks off of the ship with Damocles.

Damocles accesses the station public wifi and guides Joshua around until he’s at a security door. The door opens and several security guards run out, talking about an explosive device. Josh catches the door and goes in. He plugs Damocles into the customs computers. He manages to download the records for Sandra, sequester some gourmet food, a flying security drone, and a heavy lift assist. Damocles also secured Diamond Nexus for the crew, which will allow them to get through customs next time (only works at Mars).

Josh and Damocles return to the ship. The group unclear as to why the material was delivered the ship. Once everyone is onboard and the cargo secured the whole station shakes as an explosion detonates on the other side of the station. The group decides to land.

They land in time to find many crews running to space craft to go rescue people from the station.

Raoul and Twitch make their way to the Gregorio Hess’ estate. Raoul flirts his way in. Twitch sneaks in. Twitch tries to take Gregorio and convince him to give the code to his escape pod. Raoul poses as another hostage of Twitch’s. The two try to convince Gregorio to give it up. Gregorio tries to take his cyanide capsule, and Twitch blasts off one of his legs. He doesn’t give it up so Twitch sneaks off the estate with Gregorio, leaving Raoul to talk to the police.

Adventure Log 2
Earthbound Adventures 2

Allison Benton had been a member of a star-ship crew, until Syndicate pirates had attacked the ship she was on. Causing it to crash onto an inhabited planet, where she was the lone survivor. She returned to earth where she has been living off her survivor’s benefits. Wanting to return to space, she has made her way to California in hopes of securing employment with SpaceX.

Raoul Vega decided to try to perform reconisance of SpaceX and walked in the front door hoping to talk his way into a tour. The security guard, a grizzled old man, Roger Murtaugh, told Raoul that tours had been suspended due to issues with the new OCP Hybrids brought in for security. Personally Roger preferred the days when humans patrol the halls.

The group discussed their plans and determined they needed a new party face to help them gain entry. Raoul decided to go to the local Olive Garden to try to recruit. Allison was also there.

Raoul received a number from one of the waitstaff with a free drink. Before long three blonde women approached and asked if they could join him. Raoul Vega invited them in, one climbed over him to sit beside him, the other slid in beside him, the third sat on the opposite side of the booth.

They discussed what brought Raoul to California. He claimed that he was a singer looking for a manager. The girls Amber Lee, Kimberly Lopez, and Brittany Brown all work at Lowes Hardware. They hang off of Raoul’s every word. Brittany revealed she had always wanted to know what it would be like to lay with a Maru. Raoul took them all back to Brittany’s place where he rocked there world to the point that they became obsessed with him, following him around town.

After witnessing the display at the Olive Garden, Allison went to SpaceX to apply for a job. Roger took her resume and explained that a recruiter would be in contact within a few days. She decided to go out for drinks nearby to pass the time.

Meanwhile Raoul Vega had decided to try recruiting again. This time bringing Twitch to try to spot talent. Twitch and Allison spotted a man pickpocketing, stealing wallets, and phones. Twitch pointed him, a very well made up latino man, and Allison Benton out to Raoul. Allison noted Twitch and Raoul and turned the thief into the bouncers, allowing her to drink for free for the rest of the night.

Raoul started with the well made up latino man. He learned that the man’s name was Julio and that he was a costume artist for Hollywood. Raoul took his number and moved on.

Next Raoul targeted Allison called him out for having his friend Twitch pointing out people. They had a conversation about what brought them both to California. Raoul made claim to be interested in becoming a pilot for SpaceX. Raoul also claimed that he might come into a ship soon, and asked if she’d be interested. She indicated she’d be interested and they exchanged contact information. The three girls from earlier were still around making a fuss over Raoul.

Meanwhile, Joshua was using intel from Lewis to build fake armor for Twitch to make him look like an OCP Hybrid.

Raoul returned to find the three girls waiting for him at the bus. He tried to clear the bus for another round but instead was given another job. To secure OCP uniforms. Raoul made contact with Julio and made it out that he wanted the two of them to dress like OCP and do some roleplay. Julio made the costume and the two had their roleplay, Raoul kept the costumes.

Sandra, Blake, Joshua, and Twitch donned their costumes and made their way to SpaceX. Inside Sandra tried and failed to fast talk her way inside. Twitch drew a crossbow and prevented Roger from pressing the alarm. Joshua disabled the alarm button and cameras in the lobby. He then handcuffed Roger. They examined Roger’s email and discovered that the issue with the OCP Hybrids was that their facial recognition (IFF) was imperfect and all staff had been warned to make sure they had their RFID badges on them at all times.

Twitch took Roger’s badge and pistol. Joshua sent Sandra and Blake back to the bus. Twitch led the way, and before long encountered the first OCP Hybrid, it drew its pistol and ordered him to assume a passive position and prepare to be arrested otherwise lethal measures would be employed. Twitch complied holding up Roger’s badge.

Once the OCP Hybrid was close enough it recognized the badge. " SpaceX employee identified, have a nice day." The OCP Hybrid attempted to walk past Twitch towards where Joshua was hiding. Twitch pulled his crossbow and shot it in the head (from under the chin). It fell prone and stated “Lethal damage detected to organic components, requesting repair”. Twitch pluged his neural jack into it and downloaded schematics of the building before formatting the OCP Hybrid. He stole the OCP Hybrid’s laser pistol before continuing.

Twitch learned that there were three special project rooms in the sub-basement whose purpose was kept off the schematics. Otherwise the rest of the labs were well labelled. He identified where the security room was.

The two of them headed into the security room, knocking out the guard inside. Joshua stole his badge and gun. They disabled the remaining security cameras and wiped a three hour window of recordings from the system.

They also found the terminal for the OCP Hybrids they cancelled the repair request and ordered the remaining OCP Hybrids to investigate and watch the third floor men’s for the next few hours.

The pair went down the elevator to the sub-basement. They were presented with three doors requiring badge access. They discovered that the security guard’s badges wouldn’t open the doors. Joshua rigged the doors to open.

In the first room they found a small metal cube hooked up to several computer terminals. Twitch jacked into one and immediately felt a dominating presence pushing against him. He quickly disconnected and the two realized that they were looking at an AI Core. Joshua quickly pocketed it, out of both novelty and hope that it would look like this would have been the reason for the break in.

In the next room the pair found a biological lab with microscopes, PCR machines, and terminals meant for Maru. Twitch plugged into the server rack and without disturbing the system downloaded copies of all the files. He learned that this was project Doomsday a repository of all plant an animal life genetic strains, and many variations of each. Supposed to be enough that any species could be brought back from extinction.

The final room contained a spherical item that appeared to be an amalgam of electronics and organic technology. Twitch plugged into the server rack here and downloaded project Ark. A genesis device capable of rapidly terraforming a planet to a set of genetic templates. It was clear project Doomsday and Ark were meant to be used together. The implications of using Ark on a inhabited planet were terrifying.

The pair then went to the regular server room and pulled as many hard drives as they could carry. Finally exiting via the security room, where they ensured all logs of their presence had been deleted.

They then returned to the bus. The group prepared to make the trip back to New York. The trio of girls begged to go with Raoul. The group agreed to bring them along.

The group then made their trip to New York. Along the way Joshua decided to plug in the AI Core. The two chatted for quite some time. The AI Core was greatful for being liberated from SpaceX and asked Joshua to provide him a new body. Joshua used the webcam on the computer to show the AI Core the rest of the team.

The party arrived in New York. The New York Sewer Rats did not require a new tribute due to the generosity of their last tribute. Raoul reconnected with the two gunners from his last visit, having a five-some with his three other girls. When asked if they’d like to join them in space they accepted the offer.

The rest of the group returned to the room. Lewis produced the encryption program CD and Twitch deposited the files. As the group made their way back to the scrapyard in Iowa they stopped at a gas station. Joshua checked Lewis’ bank balance and discovered that they had been paid the full million for the information.

Lewis revealed that while he was in California he had looked up his old partner in crime Gilbert. Gilbert had the same implants installed. He learned that Gilbert had tried to have his removed, and an OCP orbital laser had destroyed him, his surgeon, and most of the building they’d been in. Lewis resolved that he needed off planet to have his implants removed.

The party made their way to the scrapyard run by Ix Hrung. He had a shuttle for sale for $1.3M but Sandra negotiated him down to $1M. Raoul asked him if the Koth had been the ones who seeded the planet. Ix answered that his race was younger than the terrans.

Raoul Vega made contact with Allison and offered her a position on their ship. She agreed and started making her way to Iowa.

Once Allison caught up the group went back to the McDonald Farm. Fleur McDonald talked to the group about bringing a Maru to the farm. She knew a Maru, Laxore, from her time at MuskU and had been in contact with him. He was currently on Endeavor and was willing to come help. She offered the party $100k to bring him to earth legally, or more if they were to bring him to earth undetected. After Allison negotiated she agreed to pay $10k up front.

Concerned about the well being of Fleur, Raoul resolved to catch the person making women disappear from the bar. He dressed as a woman and went to the bar in hopes of getting taken. Twitch went with him for his safety.

Raoul got hit on by many men had many drinks bought for him. They were no closer to identifying the predator when he decided he needed to relieve himself. He went to the woman’s room and Twitch followed him. Everything was normal until he flushed. Twitch heard a “schoomp” sound and could no longer hear Raoul.

Twitch went in the stall and flushed following Raoul. He arrived and hid himself.

A woman came into the room where they arrived. She was wearing 1950s housewife dress and a metal band. She invited Raoul to follow her. She led him to a pod and invited him to go inside and the Master would join them.

He opted not to enter the pod. Eventually Twitch grabbed the metal band from around her head and shoved her into the pod. The pod shut and they could hear a slurshing sound coming down the hall. They readied their weapons and a Maru came around the corner.

Surprised to see weapons pointed at him he reached out for a panel on the wall. Twitch shot his arm before he could reach the panel. He then started cooperating. They brought him upstairs for questioning.

He admitted to kidnapping the women. To use as both materials and labour to repair his ship so he could go home. Upon hearing this Raoul was enraged and killed the Maru.

The group returned to the basement found and disabled the Maru ship destroying anything that looked important. They then phoned the Maru into the authorities. Earth Customs paid a $25k bounty for information on illegal aliens leading to the arrest of an illegal alien.

Adventure Log 1
Earthbound Adventures 1

A group of people finds themselves sitting in the gutter together outside The Old 218 Tap Bar in Hills Iowa.

This gutter is where local farmers have been known to pick up day laborers. Today is no different. A farmer pulls up in a truck and introduces himself as Art McDonald. He offers the group work for the day and meals. The group agreed and piled into the truck. As they drove out to the farm the group shared their individual stories with each other.

The farm was huge and sprawling. But like most places on earth, suffering from the current conditions. Not much light makes it through the smog clouds. The smog chokes out a lot of animals. The heat does nobody any good. There are water sources on the farm, but they appear brakish. The cows appear weak and sickly.

When the arrived on the farm, a meal was ready and laid out for them. Art’s daughter Fleur had laid out a meal for everyone. The group was impressed at their generosity. Art had a more practical reason in mind, can’t get a days work on an empty stomach.

As they ate Sandra Power remembered that women had been going missing at the Old 218 Tap Bar. She questioned Art and Fleur about it. They both shrugged it off as a town problem. Nothing like that had ever happened on the farm.

Fleur discussed and handed out the jobs for the day.
*Joshua Eisen-Kriegsman stated he was going to fix everything and wandered off with paper and pencils
*Blake offered to look at the cows
*Raoul Vega was given the special job of “helping” Fleur McDonald clean the farmhouse
*the rest were given general labor, turning fields, fixing fences, harvesting meager crops

The group met back up for supper. In time to hear Art and Fleur aruging. It seemed Fleur wanted to bring a Maru to the farm to fix things. She even knew a Maru who was willing to help. But Art was concerned, they didn’t have the money to pursue bring a Maru legally, and any help a Maru could offer wouldn’t be legal either.

At supper humming to herself, Fleur had Lunar Radio playing on a radio.
*Joshua Eisen-Kriegsman had written a volume on potential farm improvements, Art glossed over it, but Fleur McDonald read it in detail, impressed with his ideas.
*Blake had learned that the cattle were both malnourished and suffering from COPD.
*Lewis Skolnick seemed to zone out when the radio played Burning Down The House followed by Putting on The Ritz

Raoul went back to the house to “help” Fleur with the dishes as the rest of the group discussed their options. Lewis offered that he had a job offer from the Shadowbroker he needed help with. Lewis indicated that he needed to get to the Ritz-Carlton in NY, NY.

Lewis really wanted his implants removed Blake offered to give it a try, but Twitch managed to communicate that would be a bad idea.

The group took a ride back to the Old 218 Tap Bar, where Joshua helped steal a Mustang and a Touareg. The party used the cars to get them to the edge of New York City. They had to leave the cars when debris made the roads impassable. New York had been heavily damaged in the war with the AIs. Many building were knocked over. The group even came across the remains of a mechanized Statue of Liberty. Nobody in the group could remember ever having heard of that particular aspect, or which side had done it.

The group made their way on foot to the Ritz-Carlton. They found that the Ritz-Carlton had been heavily fortified. Turrets and guns could be seen through most street facing windows. When the party approached they were told that they could have entry if they brought a tribute to the Rat King the leader of the New York Sewer Rats. When asked about tributes, the door guard explained that most people offered food, medicine, or NY souvenirs as tribute.

The group remembered that they had passed an abandoned hospital on their way into town. The group doubled back to the hospital, and after some searching found a drug dispensary that hadn’t been broken open already. The group scourenged up some batteries and got the machine long enough to hack it to dispence everything left in it. Blake identified as many pills as he could, the most valuable of which being antibiotics, narcotics, and viagra.

The party returned to the Ritz-Carlton and gave the drugs as tribute, with Raoul taking a small portion for himself. The New York Sewer Rats accepted their tribute and allowed the group enterance. Raoul found two gunners and went to “check out the rooms”.

Sandra noticed a lone key on the key-board behind the front desk, to room 1806. The group went up to search. A search of the room, found only an active Ethernet jack. Joshua adapted the jack to interface to Glitch’s neural interface. He discovered a network share with a pst file full of tawdry emails. Lewis pulled a CD out of his satchel, he offered that that would decode the message.

Joshua went back to the front desk and took the computer from reception. The computer itself was intact but the monitor had been smashed. He brought it back upstairs and interfaced it to Twitch and the network jack. The CD in the drive of the computer Twitch decoded the file. It was a contract.

We have received intelligence that SpaceX has been working with the Terran-Maru Science Enclave on projects Ark and Doomsday. We require copies of all data pertaining to these projects. As always the information is worth more if the company does not discover that they’ve been hacked.

Our intelligence shows that the projects are being worked on at the SpaceX offices in California. Delivery of information is to this drop location. Upon delivery payment will made to your account.

$300k for information
$700k for SpaceX not knowing that the files have been stolen

You may retain copies of information for personal use or insurance. However, further dissemination of the information will result in penalty, no further work, and turn over to authorities.

Twitch copied the contract onto the hard drive of the PC and the party removed the hard drive.

The group decided to stock up before heading to California. The party found some real weapons on display in a house of wax, some food in a supermarket. Raided some hardware stores and found crossbows and compound bows as well as some more basic supplies. Raided apartments for canned goods and electronics. In the parking lot of the supermarket they found an abandoned NY City Bus which they retrofitted for their purposes and headed off across country in it.

Arriving in California a week later, after having siphoned a lot of diesel from abandoned vehicles and gas stations.

Character Creation


Human only
Character Points 150
Max disadvantages 75 points
Tech Level 9
Non-ST skills capped at 20
No exotic or supernatural skills

Hacker(s) please take organization affiliation with Shadow-broker
No military affiliation please

Short Premise

You’re all starting in Iowa. You want to get off Earth (Earth is dying), asteroid mining has long been touted as an easy way to get rich. High Security Systems use the claim system. Low Security Systems don’t. Greater reward in low-security system mining.

A Koth junker runs a used starship scrap yard in Iowa.


GURPS Basic Set
GURPS Spaceships
GURPS Spaceships 2 Traders, Liners, and Transports
GURPS Spaceships 3 Warships and Space Pirates
GURPS Spaceships 6 Mining and Industrial Spacecraft
GURPS Ultra Tech

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